4Bish Building Bridges

Building bridges between asset management & recovery solution division targeting to increases value of adequately managing assets through their entire lifecycle including re-use for entrepreneurs startups utilizing up to a 35% lower initial startup investment cost and a better liquidation value for asset recovery.


After finishing 4Bish evaluation, our expert team will be ready to support you with all necessary protocols and strategic flow charts, moreover, increase your awareness regarding the know-how techniques you may need to succeed in your AMR projects.


Marketing 360

4Bish has a unique mix of marketing tools from targeted social media, emails, printed direct mail and business matching with same product interest.



Asset recover your business having a secured and direct access to the greatest selling market with maximum liquidation value.


Implementing an easy step-to-follow: efficient protocol to maximize your asset recovery. Utilization of 4Bish features across all three solutions and much more.



4Bish guides you through the best scenario that fits your project conditions and timeline.


AMR Strategy

Asset Management & Recovery Strategy flow chart with a detailed quoted offer.


    Value Added Asset Recovery.
    Novel Asset Management & Recovery (A.M.R) Solutions.
    A 2 Z Decommissioning and Liquidation services.
    Novel Green Recycling Solutions,
    Assigned Project Manager with Daily Process Updates.
    Your Assets Will Support Young Entrepreneurs,


  • 4Bish made it a fast and smooth lease-out in only 30 days! Thanks, 4BISH
    Aaron Neo
    4BISH Client
  • My asset recovery by 4Bish was 1.5 times my estimated value.
    Laura Cole
    4BISH Client
  • Our inventory cash has increased rapidly with inventory 2 CASH.
    Nancy Smith
    4BISH Client

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