The 4Bish Process

Furthermore, The 4Bish program can be easily customized, based on your specific case, to include the proper setup for your “Lot itemization & Screening,” “Marketing 360” and “Auction Selling” Program Modules. Based on above criteria, 4BISH has implemented a secure and efficient PROTOCOL that any Entrepreneur shall apply to successfully proceed in utilizing all features and benefits of the 4Bish PROGRAM with the assurance of getting the most important outcome. Your selected PROTOCOL illustrated is in Auction Selling Package.

4Bish Stepping stones

1- Evaluation

Quick and easy self-evaluation to tell us about your goals and needs.

2- Consultation

Schedule your free consultation session with a project manager to discuss your goals and find the right solution for you.

3- Offer

Receive your customized solution offer including strategy, timeline, and price quote.


    Value Added Asset Recovery.
    Novel Asset Management & Recovery (A.M.R) Solutions.
    A 2 Z Decommissioning and Liquidation services.
    Novel Green Recycling Solutions,
    Assigned Project Manager with Daily Process Updates.
    Your Assets Will Support Young Entrepreneurs,


  • 4Bish made it a fast and smooth lease-out in only 30 days! Thanks, 4BISH
    Aaron Neo
    4BISH Client
  • My asset recovery by 4Bish was 1.5 times my estimated value.
    Laura Cole
    4BISH Client
  • Our inventory cash has increased rapidly with inventory 2 CASH.
    Nancy Smith
    4BISH Client

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